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Thursday September 8th at 6pm

General Rules: Junior Sheep Show

1. No Animals will be admitted to the fairgrounds without "Certificates of Veterinary Inspection" (health papers).
2. Application for Junior show entry - entries must be made on regulation entry forms furnished by The Sevier County  Fair. Entry Deadline: August 26, 2016 - entry forms must be mailed to PO Box 6514, Sevierville, TN 37864.
3. Fees:  Sheep Show exhibitors WILL NOT be required to pay entry fees or pen fees.
They WILL be required to pay the $6.00 admission fee to enter the fair.
4. Junior sheep must be in place by 4:00 pm on Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2016.
5. Junior competition is limited to either 4-H club members who were enrolled in the 4th grade or later and FFA  members who were enrolled in Vocational agriculture on January 1st of the current year and who have not reached  the end of the calendar year of their high school graduation.
6. Junior exhibitors will show their own animals, unless they have (2) animals in the same class. the second animal  must be shown by a 4-H Club or FFA member.
7. All Junior sheep must be registered unless exhibiting in the Commercial Ewe class.  a. Commercial Ewes will be assigned to class based on weight.
8. Junior Sheep show release times will be 10:00 pm following the show.
9. Junior Sheep show order will be announced before the show.
10. In cases where there is only one exhibit per lot or class, exhibitor will receive 1st place ribbon and premium.
11. Shavings for bedding will be furnished
12. Junior Exhibitors must comply with Rules and Regulations of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and to  Sevier County Fair General Rules for Sheep Shows.
13. Safey: Everything possible will be done to prevent accidents; however, if any should occur, neither the Sevier  County Fair, nor Fair Personnel, nor Others Connected with the managment of Sevier County Fair assumes any  liabilty, either legal or otherwise to persons or property.
14. Violations of any rules may result in all premiums and awards being forfeited.




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