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2016 Open Goat Show

By completing form you agree to the following information in its entirety. ALL exhibitors are subject to the rules and classifications governing exhibits at the Sevier County Fair, by which I also agree to be governed in exhibiting same. All statements made in connection with the entries below are true.


Friday, September 9th, 2016 • 6:00PM

This is an open, fun show for both children and adults raising goats. Goats must be wither female or wethers,
NO BUCKS please. Horned and dehorned goats are allowed in a fun show. Goats do not need to be registered to participate in this show, and all breeds are welcome.
All goats must be accompanied by health papers and have an identifying tag or tattoo so that show officials can check their papers on arrival to the fairgrounds. If goats are tattooed, the tattoos must be legible. NO SICK GOAT will be allowed on the premises.
* Goat Show exhibitors WILL NOT be required to pay entry fees or pen fees.
They WILL be required to pay the $6.00 admission fee to enter the fair.
All entries are encouraged to be received by August 26, 2016. However late entries will be accepted. Premiums and ribbons will be awarded in each class for 4 places. All goats will receive a ribbon. A trophy will be presented to the Best Goat in Show.
All goats must be entered in the individual classes to participate in the group classes and costume class. Goats must wear a collar and be escorted by their owner/agent into the show ring.
Individuals showing dairy type goats will be expected to show wearing white jeans, trousers, white shirts and white shoes. All others may wear black jeans/trousers and white shirts. No open toed shoes should be worn on the show ring.




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